Submit Your Photos

Are you proud of your project and deem it worthy of being showcased? We will pay you for you photo if it is used on our website. See details below.


We will pay you $25.00 for any photo that you submit to us that we use on our website showcase. We are looking for you outdoor living area, patio, retaining wall, fireplace, landscaping, pools capes etc.


We are willing to pay you $50.00 for a set of photos of your house if it is used on our website. What we are looking for is a close up photo that shows about 20 to 30 pieces of stone on it (About 6 feet away on most cameras) and a photo of the whole project or house. The $50.00 is strictly limited to commercial buildings, commercial walls and custom homes and hotels. Two photos are required for this, the close up and the whole project.


  • Photos with a person(s) in them will not be used.
  • Photos with personal vehicles in them will not be used.
  • Material must have been supplied by us here at Aguado Stone.
  • Unlimited photos submission. In other words, keep submitting, if we use your photo then we will pay you.
  • Please include your name, address and a phone number where you can be contacted to insure that if your photo submission is used, we know who to write the check out to.
  • Commercial projects and hotels can have vehicles in them, we prefer to exclude them.
  • If you are a mason and you have submitted photos of your work, you may choose to have your account credited if your photo is used on our website.
  • You are granting Aguado Stone all ownership rights on any photo that you have submitted to us whether it is used in our website or not.
  • High Resolution photos are preferred but not required.

Submit your stone photo to

We look forward to seeing your photos.